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Australia begins rescue mission for sick Antarctic researcher

Australia begins rescue mission for sick Antarctic researcher


The researcher is ill – and now the dramatic rescue operation begins

The RSV is on its way to the Casey Research Station in Nueva Antarctica. There is a scientist who is sick and needs urgent treatment.


A researcher at the Casey Research Station in Antarctica has fallen seriously ill.


  • A scientist at Casey Research Station is sick.

  • It is not clear what ails him, but he needs treatment.

  • That’s why an icebreaker is coming now.

Rescue operations are underway in Australia A researcher who was seriously ill Launched in Antarctica. The Australian Antarctic Program said on Sunday that the icebreaker RSV was on its way to the KC research station off Nuina. The ship left Tasmania last week on a multi-day journey to the Casey station, 3,400 kilometers away.

Helicopter on board

A spokeswoman for the Antarctic Program said the researcher needed treatment in Australia for an “emerging illness”. He did not provide further information about the illness.

The icebreaker also has helicopters. There is an airfield 70 kilometers from the research station, but it is currently unusable due to weather conditions. In the summer, up to 160 scientists work at the Casey Research Station, and about 20 stay there during the Antarctic winter.

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