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Here Prince William shows his Muckis

Here Prince William shows his Muckis

However, the important message of the post does not reach all social media users and fans of the royal family. Most of the comments are about the prince’s physique, so does he mean it seriously or with a touch of irony? Everyone can decide for themselves.

The video shows Prince William rowing with members of the Navy crew. The soldiers talk with the prince about the physical challenges involved in their work, the mental problems and their biggest fears.

William wears a dark blue jacket, sunglasses, and black shorts in the video. A harmless video that is supposed to focus on a serious topic. However, social networks had other plans.

The account of a fan of the royal family drew attention to William’s physique, writing on Twitter: “Your royal charisma, Prince William, Prince of Wales,” referring to the physique and physique of the Crown Prince.

“Muscular legs” by Prince Williams – There is only one topic in the comment columns

In the comments on another tweet, fans are excited about the British prince’s appearance. “Sorry I have to pick up my pants, they just fell off,” one user wrote, while another raved about Prince William’s muscular thighs. Another comment puts it succinctly: “Lucky Kate!”

The situation is very different on the YouTube channel of the British royal family. Most of the comments are for the incredibly difficult work the Marines do – thanking the protagonists of the video for their commitment.