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Her husband Tom is shocked by an arrogant statement

Her husband Tom is shocked by an arrogant statement

Heidi Klum and Tom Kaulitz are married. Now the musician is making a fuss with an arrogant statement about money – and gets hit by a storm of nonsense.

The basics in brief

  • Bill and Tom Kaulitz make a lot of money with their band, Tokio Hotel.
  • million euros? There doesn’t seem to be anything.

Yes, they work a lot. Yes, they are making a lot of money by doing this. But the luxury in which Heidi Klum’s husband number three lives is only evidenced by statements like these.

Tom Kaulitz and his twin brother Bill (32) had a conversation again on their podcast “Kaulitz Hills – Senf aus Hollywood». It became interesting when the listener asked a specific question.

You must decide if you want a million euro Prefer to have a stone in your shoes forever. Or rather, you never wash your hands again or you can’t close the toilet door.

While Bell would prefer no option at all, Heidi Klum (48) man said: “Million euroThis is a problem for me. I’ve been thinking about it and what would you do with a million euro? »

I’m sorry what most podcast listeners must have thought when they heard this statement. It dawned on Brother Bell when his brother replied aloof. Tom, this is all wrong. You better cut it off,” he intervenes.

Heidi Klum’s husband tried to memorize his answer. It shows that there is still a lot Guidance will be deducted. “Million euro Nothing is distributed to life! “

What do you think of Tom Kaulitz’s statement about money?

Bill Kaulitz But soon he realized that the two brothers could not get out of the number. Tom, you don’t need to justify that this isn’t a lot of money under your circumstances. Others may cut their hands for it.”

Heidi Klum: Sheetstorm raining on Tom Kaulitz

For some fans of the two international stars, it’s clear that Tom Kaulitz Success and money went to your head. They were taken aback by the “arrogant” attitude and a filthy storm was pouring out on Heidi Klum’s husband. Some critical votes will be collected soon in the comments on the linked post.

“Sometimes you forget how different your life is. Therefore, for a million stones in a shoe it would not be a problem for me ”, writes one person. Another user admits: “Well, for a million I will wear a whole pile of stones in my shoes.”

“With all this arrogance, many are vomiting in the beam,” another voice told Grid angrily, and another listener aptly summed it up: “And they are amazed that some people find them arrogant.”

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