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Youtuberin Bibi Classen speaks for the first time after a breakup

Youtuberin Bibi Classen speaks for the first time after a breakup

Julian and Baby Clasen are now going their separate ways.Screenshot: bibisbeautypalace / instagram

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05/22/2022, 10:45 AM05/22/2022, 12:28 PM

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After Julian Claassen officially confirmed the split from his wife Bianca this week, reports and Rumors About the ex-couple model on YouTube: Bebe was first spotted with a potential new partner before a clip of Julian appeared with an acquaintance in a Cologne club. Even some fans doubt there’s an experiment behind it all.

Now, for the first time after announcing the separation, Bibi has also informed himself Instagram For speaking, Julian explained several things during a question-and-answer session.

Baby Clausen makes a statement after his split from Julian

First, Bibi confirms Julian’s earlier statements: “Yeah, we’re not together anymore”, as you say. The couple has two children together, but they should not have to suffer a separation. So YouTube confirms:

“Of course, children are always and always our top priority.”

Bianca Clasen reports to her followers.

Bianca Clasen reports to her followers.Screenshot: bibisbeautypalace / instagram

With this Bibi points out that Julian and she is for children Can continue to strive for a friendly relationship. Otherwise, she remains silent, at least for the time being, and then says goodbye with the following words: “I know you have many questions on your mind. However, I would like to ask you about your understanding that everyone needs their privacy.”

Julian Clasen comments on the rumours

Meanwhile, Julian was heard again, Saturday evening, holding a question-and-answer session on Instagram. Unsurprisingly, he received numerous inquiries, particularly about the separation from Bibi. At the moment he is “fine under the circumstances”, spends a lot of time with friends and family.

Finally, a follower wanted to know if the experiment was actually underway. background of this: Some fans suspect the duo of Julian is playing a role. According to the theory, this must have appeared in the video with the strange woman filmed at the Cologne club. Julian even told many fans himself about it. At least that fits with the fact that Bibi had already announced an unspecified “trial” weeks ago.

However, Julian is now erasing such gossip from the table: “I would never do something like that, you don’t do anything to it. cheerful! » It further confirms: “The messages you claimed I sent are all fake.” He also explains that the video with the woman in the club “of course” was filmed only after the separation from Bibi. Everyone deals with certain situations differently.


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