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He is only allowed to take care of Sarafina's children

He is only allowed to take care of Sarafina's children

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“Wollnys” attach great importance to family solidarity. The most important thing is that everyone is healthy. So it's no wonder Sarafina only has one person to take care of her children.

The “Wollnys” are perhaps the most famous extended family in Germany. The famous RTLZWEI stars and their many children, grandchildren and partners always provide entertainment. Sylvia's daughter Sarafina and her husband Peter Wolny are all-time fan favorites. Fans are especially fond of the couple's cute children. And in their special show “The Wollnys – A Very Big Family” they can experience intimate moments again and again.

Broadcasting The Wollnys – A very large family
channel Rtzelzoe
First broadcast January 17, 2011
Woolney family Sylvia Wolny and her partner Harald and many of their children and grandchildren

“The Wollnys” twins Emory and Casey were born via emergency C-section

Sarafina Wolni has often shown that she is a lion mother. The reality TV participant knows how important trust and family unity are. It's also because the 29-year-old has already seen a lot. During her first pregnancy, not everything went as planned, as Sarafina's twins, Emory and Casey Wolney, were born via emergency cesarean section.

The offspring are now in good condition; Little Amal Angel Sylvia was born safely in July 2023. The young mother loves to share daily life with three children on social media. She recently made headlines when Sarafina Wolny treated herself to a new car as a family wagon. And things couldn't be going better with her husband, Peter, as she revealed in an Instagram Story. She praises him, saying: “The greatest father to our three children.”

“The Wollnys”: Sarafina's best friend, Kevin Haupt, is completely confident

But what if the Woolney couple wants to be without their children? Because no matter how many people are in your family, sometimes no one has the time. She now confirms on Instagram that Hope, Emory and Casey are only allowed to sleep with one couple apart from their relatives. Her close friend Kevin Haupt answered a fan's question about it on Instagram and revealed: “We have a very close relationship with the kids.”

Sarafina even added on her Instagram profile: “We trust you 100% with our 3.” By “you,” the mother of three means Kevin and his wife, Sari Haupt. Sarafina showed her deep trust in her best friend when she made him the godfather of her twins.

“The Wollnys” on RTLZWEI: Sarafina reveals a secret about the new episodes

Fans were already fearing that season 15 of The Wollnys would be the last. Meanwhile, Sarafina also revealed in an Instagram story that the popular show RTLZWEI will be renewed. She confirmed: “We do not have a broadcast date yet, and as soon as it is determined, we will announce it.”

Fans are now sure of another point: Sarafina and Peter Wolny will not raise their children in Turkey. Since a large portion of the Wollny clan spends a lot of time at their adopted home on Ilica, it is assumed that the twins will grow up here. She answered the question of many viewers: “You will go to kindergarten here in Germany from August.” (street)