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Great Britain: Finance Minister Sunak’s wife does not pay taxes on her own

Great Britain: Finance Minister Sunak’s wife does not pay taxes on her own

In Great Britain, pressure is mounting on Finance Minister Rishi Sunak. Reason: His wife Akshat Murthy, daughter of an Indian millionaire, is said to have not paid any taxes due to the controversial regulation.

Until recently, British Treasury Secretary Rishi Sunak was considered the most trusted successor to Prime Minister Boris Johnson. But now the conservative politician is being heavily criticized for his wife’s tax status.

Akshata Murthy, the daughter of an Indian millionaire and Sunak’s partner, confirmed the news in a newspaper.The Independent‘He is considered a non-citizen for tax purposes in the UK’. This ‘non-residential’ status allows non-residents of the UK to avoid taxes on foreign income.

For someone like Murthy, who owns about £ 690m (€ 825m) worth of shares in the family’s IT empire, that means total tax savings. The company reported சமீபத்திய 11.6 million in dividend payments per share for the last financial year. The 42-year-old is officially entitled to this tax status. However, Murthy’s declaration that her husband is the second most important political figure in the UK – not her permanent residence – raises a political thorny question.

Akshatha Murthy – Are you richer than the queen?

On Friday, Murthy announced that he would pay British taxes in the future, subject to growing public pressure. She understands that many people consider their tax terms to be “not work-related.” [ihres] As Secretary of the Treasury, Murthy said he appreciated the “British sense of fairness.”

Akshata Murthy grew up in Mumbai, India, the daughter of a technology billionaire. She studied clothing design and sales in Los Angeles and later earned a master’s degree from Stanford University, where she met her fianc Rishi Sunak. After Stanford, Murthy served as the marketing director of the Dutch technology fund before setting up his own fashion label, Akshata Designs, in 2007 – which turned out to be a failure. The couple married in India in 2009 and emigrated to the UK four years later, shortly before Sunak became an MP.

Today, Murthy’s fortune comes from a 0.93 percent stake in Infosys, the empire of technology services created by his father. His shares are valued at around 6 690 million – which he is said to be Richer than Queen Elizabeth II.

DefendersMurthy estimates he could avoid about £ 20m in taxes due to his tax status, for which he currently pays 30,000 a year. As a UK tax resident, he would have to pay around £ 4.5m a year in taxes based on his estimate. 11, paying an annual dividend of £ 5 million, Murthy wants to maintain his “non-status” status, which will allow his family to legally avoid paying heir taxes.

The Labor Party accuses the finance minister of lacking transparency

According to the British Labor Party, headlines are God’s gift. The Social Democrats are angry that Rishi Sunak may have avoided paying crores of rupees in taxes due to his wife’s status, while, when he was finance minister, imposed tax hikes on the public. Thus accused Louis HighTransport Minister in the shadow cabinet, Sunak said he had raised taxes in the millions amid a deepening cost-of-living crisis due to a lack of transparency in his family’s financial affairs.

“The Secretary of the Treasury is not transparent. In many cases he is trying to muddy the waters around the problem,” Hike told the BBC radio show. “It’s clear it’s legitimate. The question a lot of people are asking is whether it’s ethical and right for the Treasury to benefit from implementing 15 separate tax hikes on the British public while implementing his family.

Both Labor and the “Liberal Democrats” are now calling for an inquiry into whether the finance minister violated the minister’s law due to a lack of transparency. In addition to rumors of green card ownership, pressure on Sunak has been mounting in recent days with media reports that his treasury department has increased its social security contributions. A new lower tax system Is said to have been introduced – which is apparently intended to benefit some wealthy “non” investors.

The Treasury Secretary then spoke to himself on Friday, confirming rumors that he had a U.S. green card – meaning he had been Congress for 19 months and a total of six years for tax purposes, identifying himself as a “permanent U.S. citizen.” “Published. According to a source”DefendersAkshat Murthy also appears to have a green card. However, this would weaken Sunak’s security, arguing that he is seeking “non-DOM” status because his wife eventually planned to return to India to live.

Bad prospects for Britain’s finance minister

Meanwhile, the finance minister is being protected by his own party. Prime Minister Boris Johnson admitted at a news conference on Friday that he had not been notified of Sunak’s wife’s tax status. However he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat Downing Street’s government, and praised the minister for his “wonderful work.”

Tory MP Kevin Hollinrek dismissed Murthy’s “non-dome” position as “tax evasion” and argued that both conservative and proletarian governments had exploited that position. Speaking on the show Today, he said, “This is not a tax evasion. It is a planned policy to attract rich people from other countries around the world to the UK.

Despite the support of his party, revelations about his wife’s tax status are coming at a very bad time for the finance minister. Sunak, considered Prime Minister Johnson’s most promising successor, is facing the worst turnout in his career due to rising inflation. A recent YouGov poll found that its popularity ratings have dropped 24 percent in the past two weeks. The finance minister should have tough weeks now.

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