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Ukraine receives armored vehicles as gifts from Australia

Ukraine receives armored vehicles as gifts from Australia

NFollowing the request of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy Australia on Friday unveiled the first Bushmaster armored vehicle in Ukraine. Three of the 1.7 million euro troop carriers were loaded onto a military transport aircraft at Amberley Military Airport in Queensland. Secretary of Defense Peter Dutton said the olive-green armored vehicles were painted with Ukrainian flags on the side and the words “United with Ukraine” in English and Ukrainian. With this, Dutton said while loading the vehicles that Australia wanted to express its support for the Ukrainian government and people. Ukrainian Ambassador Vasyl Myroshnychenko thanked Australia for responding quickly to the request and for armored vehicles that were a “great help” to the Ukrainian military.

Overall, the Australian Government Ukraine Dutton announced the donation of these 20 versatile vehicles, which will be gradually brought to Ukraine in the next few days. The pledge came during the Ukrainian president’s online speech in Canberra a week ago, when he directly asked the government to help deliver Bushmasters to his country. In total, Australia has pledged 113 million euros in security assistance to Ukraine.

In addition, there is about 45 million euros in humanitarian aid and 70,000 tons of coal in the Ukrainian energy sector. Moreover, Australia has imposed its own sanctions on Russia. The minister said the Australian government would take further steps to ensure that Russia pays more for its military operations. He called on Russia to end its “unjust, unjust and illegal occupation of Ukraine.”