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Former Prime Minister Boris Johnson has resigned as an MP

Former Prime Minister Boris Johnson has resigned as an MP


Former Prime Minister Boris Johnson has resigned as an MP

Out in London: Former Prime Minister Boris Johnson is no longer a member of the British House of Commons. A parliamentary committee report on an affair incriminates a conservative politician. Johnson didn’t get it.

Boris Johnson resigns as MP

Image: Alberto Bessali / Keystone

Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is stepping down as an MP after he lied to Parliament, according to a parliamentary committee. According to British media reports, Johnson announced his resignation from his post on Friday evening with immediate effect. At the same time, he insisted he had no understanding of the group’s allegations in the scandal surrounding illegal lockdown celebrations in Downing Street. A “partygate” committee, which is also represented by MPs from Johnson’s Conservative Party, has recommended the former prime minister be suspended for ten days.

Johnson’s statement continued, “It is very sad that he has to leave Parliament – at least for the time being.” But he was thrown out of parliament with “brutal prejudice” in an “undemocratic manner” by a group led by a Labor politician. It has been an honor to serve as both an MP and Mayor of London, the statement said. Johnson’s north-west London constituency is set to hold a by-election amid a slump in the polls for the Conservative Tories.

A parliamentary committee had previously handed over the results of the inquiry to Johnson. Members of the “Privileges Committee” gave the 58-year-old two weeks to respond, the BBC reported on Friday. A “warning letter” lists the criticisms and relevant evidence and the punishment MPs wish to recommend.

The committee is investigating whether Johnson lied to parliament about the illegal Downing Street lockdown party scandal. During the coronavirus pandemic, civil servants have repeatedly met with Downing Street and officials to celebrate with alcohol and music, contrary to norms. Johnson and incumbent Prime Minister Rishi Sunak were each fined for attending the event. (dpa)