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Fighter jets intercept Russian planes near NATO airspace

Fighter jets intercept Russian planes near NATO airspace

Britain has sent fighter jets to intercept several Russian planes near Nato airspace for two consecutive days.

“Russian aircraft failed to comply with international rules by not communicating with the appropriate Flight Information Areas (FIRs),” the British Ministry of Defense said on Friday. However, it said the Russian plane remained in “international airspace” and was “flying professionally” during the incidents on Thursday and Friday.

On Thursday evening, Estonia-based Royal Air Force Typhoon aircraft and Swedish Gripen aircraft were “mobilised” to intercept two Russian aircraft “flying close to Swedish and NATO airspace”.

British fighter jets took off again on Friday morning as Russian jets flew south towards Russia’s Kaliningrad region. British jets intercepted Russian aircraft over the Gulf of Finland and the Baltic Sea.

The British Air Force received reinforcements from Finnish military aircraft, the Ministry of Defense said. Additionally, Portuguese and Romanian aircraft were involved in the operation.