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Former Meinl Bank president Weinzierl continues to fight extradition in the United States

Former Meinl Bank president Weinzierl continues to fight extradition in the United States

The former head of the Meinl Bank, Peter Weinzierl, wants to continue fighting against his extradition to the United States. “What is happening here is just wrong. I will not put up with it. You have to fight, and if the rule of law continues, win,” Weinzerl said in an interview with the daily Die Presse on Sunday. . Operation costs now fall into the seven-figure range.

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The US judiciary has accused Winzierl of tax evasion in connection with the Brazilian Odebrecht bribery scandal and demands his extradition. In June, a British court ruled in favor of extradition, but Wineserl’s lawyer has appealed. The former Meinl banker has been stuck in London for two years, but is free on bail. It is the presumption of innocence.

Winzierl denies the US allegations. He was not an employee of the Meinl Bank Antigua, through which payments were made with Odebrecht. This was led by three Brazilian managers. This will also show what data the Economic and Corruption Prosecutor’s Office (WKStA) has access to.

“Brazilian court documents also show that these (three principals) collected 1.5 percent of all payments made by Meinl Bank Antigua with Odebrecht and divided it among themselves,” Weinzerl told the Press. “That alone shows motivation. I didn’t get a penny, so there’s no motivation either.”

Weinzerl went on to say that the two key witnesses based in Brazil, one of whom is said to have testified that he cooperated with Meinl Bank, will also collect millions in the proceedings. He himself, on the other hand, has procedural costs that are already in the seven-figure range. He has insurance, but it pays slowly.

Ultimately, Weinzrell sees the indictment as “not a chance”. He is therefore relieved about the “worst case”, extradition to the United States. “If Trump keeps quiet about his situation, I probably will too,” Winzierl said.