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Florian Silberian: A disappointment for Beatrice Egli?

Florian Silberian: A disappointment for Beatrice Egli?

Florian Silberisen: “Schlagerboom 2022” date set

Florian Silberian fans have had to be patient over the past few weeks because the date for ‘Schlagerboom 2022’ has simply not been announced. There are two hot stars in the room that are supposed to be a part of the TV show. Jürgen Drews has been confirmed. He has already announced on “Schlagerstrandparty”, also presented by Florian Silbereisen, that he will celebrate his last appearance before his “Schlagerboom” career ends. In addition, the rumors persisted Helen Fisher must be on stage. A hint of that theory: Schlagerqueen pushed the release date of her album “Rausch (Live)” from October 14 to October 21 out of nowhere. Many fans do not see the re-dating as a coincidence, but suspect that the singer wants to promote her new record on the show Silbereisen.

It remains to be seen if the “Breathless” subtitles will actually appear in “Schlagerboom 2022,” but what has finally been confirmed is when it will be televised. Broadcaster ARD finally announced that the big party with several guests will take place in Dortmund on October 22, 2022. However, it is not Florian’s only Saturday night show that fans have been eagerly awaiting. be too Advent of 100,000 Lights It is an absolute highlight every year. However, he could steal the show from a colleague in 2022.