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First Contact Story Pack DLC has been confirmed after leaks with its own trailer

First Contact Story Pack DLC has been confirmed after leaks with its own trailer

Sci-fi strategy game Stellaris gets all-new DLC with the First Contact Story Pack. Developer Paradox has officially announced it with a trailer.

The first details, screenshots, and even a trailer have already been leaked via SteamDB. Below you can find the official release and more information about the new Stellaris DLC.

Stellaris: First Contact Story Pack DLC officially announced

The content leaked from the Internet was again banned, but Paradox took advantage of the moment and simply launched a bloated information rocket about the new Stellaris DLC. Watch the official trailer announcing the first Connection story pack here:

“First Contact features a new set of assets and mechanics that give players the ability to tell stories about their civilization’s early encounters with star visitors,” the developers said. But we are told that not all civilizations are peaceful. There are three new origins to choose from, from capturing aliens to conquering and conquering your planet.

Post-FTL civilizations should be given new ways to interact with the new species in the galactic cluster. The DLC also introduces the Stealth feature to Stellaris for the first time. The team has been working on this for a long time, as game director Stephen Murray understood for a while gave.

The developers gave the first hints a few days ago

Vigilant Stellaris fans must have noticed that the developers on Diary Last weekend I hinted that something new lay ahead in terms of first contact scenarios. “We understand that this is all very surprising. Receiving a transmission ‘from the stars’ will probably come as a surprise to you, but we’ve been watching your world for some time and your civilization performs very well on many relevant metrics,” it was specifically mentioned in the post.

A release date for the Stellaris First Contact Story Pack DLC has yet to be announced. However, should this change occur, you will find out directly from us as always. Whether the sci-fi strategy is still worthwhile years after its release and especially after the jump to consoles remains to be seen. Our test of Stellaris shows.

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