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Messenger is now finally silent

Refreshing the signal ends a long inconvenience. Because now muted chats really stay silent.


The basics in brief

  • Signal releases the new version 6.7 of the popular WhatsApp alternative
  • Archived and muted chats remain silent, even with new messages
  • The functionality now also works with muted group chats

Reference, popular and secure WhatsApp alternative, released a new update for version 6.7. The Flags update includes changes to how archived and muted conversations are handled. Users can now choose to keep silent and archived chats in this state, even when creating new ones newsletter Reach.

Signal update: How do I activate features?

To do this, you need to select the option «Archive muted conversations» in the settings. If this option is not selected, Signal Update will still notify you of new options newsletter in archived chats. It also appears again at the top of the conversations list. The update also affects new groups newsletter It is not pushed when the group is muted.

There is no exact information about further improvements

Other changes that were introduced with the signal update are still not clear. About bug fixes or performance improvements keep software manufacturer Silence. The only thing that has been clear for a long time is that SMS and MMS functions will no longer be available. Outside Security reasons The service based on an outdated and insecure protocol has been removed.

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