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Find the origins of Wirecard President Markus Braun

Find the origins of Wirecard President Markus Braun

Marcus Braun, the former president of Wirecard, had been held in the Bavarian prison in Augsburg-Gablingen since July 2020. (archive image)

Keystone / EPA / Lukas Barth-Tuttas

Marcus Brown, the longtime president of Wirecard, has amassed an enormous fortune. The attorney general’s office and private creditors are very interested in this now.

According to the wealth of time wired card– Group President Markus Braun is currently looking for the Munich prosecutor and private creditors.

Like a German business newspaper Handelsblatt Reported, there were indications that the Austrian accused of mass fraud and infidelity, among other things, wanted to protect parts of his property from being accessed by others. A statement of assets and an affidavit from Brown may indicate inconsistencies.

The plaintiffs’ lawyers are already seeing clear evidence that Brown may have transferred the assets. In an affidavit signed by him on January 11, 2021, the currently imprisoned Chairman Wirecard announced that all assets (bank accounts, company shares, and real estate) in each case had been seized in full or with attached mortgages. According to Brown, the real size of the arrests imposed on him exceeded 75 million euros. He does not have any other assets.

Remove pictures from property in Questbuil?

Now, however, according to “Handelsblatt”, creditors are reporting, among other things, photos removed from a property in Kitzbühel and declarations that the furniture found belongs to Brown’s wife. In addition, new information has become available about another property in Austria owned by Braun Holdings.