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Superjumbo: All Nippon Airways is returning an Airbus A380 to Hawaii

Superjumbo: All Nippon Airways is returning an Airbus A380 to Hawaii

The gigantic giant returns with All Nippon Airways. The Japanese airline will send an A380 to Honolulu in August. So far, a Boeing model has been planned.

For many operators, the Airbus A380 is too large for the low passenger numbers during and possibly after the pandemic. Some airlines like Malaysia Airlines So I finished Superjumbo chapter. With other airlines like Lufthansa There is only a slight chance that the four-engined A380 will return.

Airlines like Qantas British Airways, on the other hand, has committed to a future with the two-story behemoth. And also at All Nippon Airways ANA The first A380 In April 2019, the giant was clearly returning. The only question was: When?

Four flights planned for August

The Japanese airline has three Airbus A380s – but one so far It was delivered on paper only He is still at Airbus, France. The other two are on hold due to the epidemic in Japan and only for maintenance and training purposes in addition to being closed Some sightseeing flights Lifted.

Now it is finally clear when the four-jet engines will be used again in normal service. “In August, ANA will use an Airbus A380 on the Narita-Honolulu route,” the airline said on Tuesday (June 1). Four flights are planned so far: NH184 from Tokyo-Narita to Hawaii on August 9 and 13. And NH183 in the opposite direction on August 10 and 14.

Airbus A380 instead of Boeing 787

Boeing 787-9 aircraft with 246 seats were previously planned for these flights. But it appears that it is no longer large enough to meet the demand. The A380 can carry 520 passengers.

The road to Hawaii was the standard ANA jumbo route before the crisis. In honor of the island of the Pacific Ocean, which is popular with the Japanese, the A380s are decorated with images of sea turtles, which are a symbol of good luck and prosperity. The airline has also designated the A380 a “Flying Honu”.

In the photo gallery above, you can see an All Nippon Airways A380.