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European Athletics Championships: Weißhaidinger wants to roll up the field from the back

European Athletics Championships: Weißhaidinger wants to roll up the field from the back

The Austrian Athletics Federation (ÖLV) sent a team of 14 people, in 2018 in Berlin there was bronze for Weißhaidinger and for the marathon team. The team consists of nine women and five men, and includes many young aspirants, with an average age of 24.9 years. For ten athletes, this is the first fight for the continental title in the elite class.

ÖLV Director of Sports Gregor Hoegler spoke of a “good mix of seasoned and junior athletes”. You are represented in the discipline groups, sprinting, running, hurdles, throwing, jumping, and inclusion, though the boundaries are getting tighter and stricter. 50 decisions are scheduled.

Athletics will probably be the last time in Multi-EM

Athletics, like eight other sports, is part of the European Championships, but in the future it will again be separated in terms of content and location.

“It took a year to coordinate the schedule. And the conditions for the sport weren’t always the best. If the marathon starts at noon, we can only hope that the weather will be bad,” ÖLV president Sonia Spindelhofer said. The media and financiers. “But in the end, the best possible conditions must be created for the athletes.”

Weißhaidinger has shaken off the disappointment of the World Cup

As coach of Weißhaidinger, Högler has the most promising Austrian player under his wing, and the disappointing performance at the World Cup ended three and a half weeks ago. The Tokyo 2021 bronze medalist threw the 66.82-meter discus at the European Championships Test in Andorf.

“After 10th place in the world championship, I came to Munich practically as the seventh European, and this time I want to roll up on the field from behind,” said the 30-year-old from Upper Austria. “It’s definitely an exciting situation. We’ll definitely handle things differently than Eugene.”

Qualifiers are scheduled to take place at the Olympic Stadium on Wednesday, the final day of Friday. “Our mission to make a different color for the medal continues until 2024. It can be an advantage that so many people come from their homes. It’s EM at home, he’ll never have one again,” Hugler told APA.

ÖLV . Ladies Start

From an Austrian point of view, things start Monday for Magdalena Lindner at the height of the over 100m preliminary heat, coming as a follow-up to her second assignment after the relay race with her teammates. Ex-football player Julia Mayer competes with a personal best of the year of 33 minutes 16.76 and after a high-altitude training camp in the 10,000 metres.

ÖLV 100m record holder Marcus Fuchs did not skip the preliminaries in his previous participation in the European Championships. This time around, thanks to the 11th place on Europe’s list of the best seasons in Europe, he can start straight into the semi-finals on Tuesday. “I want to repeat the performances I have given throughout the season, and that will make me proud,” said the 26-year-old.

And who does not save himself progress

WM-23. Susan Wally not only competes in her favorite discipline over the 400m, but also over the 200m with the relay race. Since she’s not in the top twelve of the season’s top list, she has to go through the stadium tour in the preliminary heat. The semi-finals will be held on Monday evening early Tuesday afternoon.

Austrian track and field athlete Susanne Wally in St. Polten in June

Geba / Walter Luger

400m specialist Susan Wally will compete in three disciplines in Munich

“The system is a bit unfair to those who have to start in qualifying,” agrees the 26-year-old from Upper Austria, who of course wants to advance at least one lap. “Over 200 metres, I don’t have a specific goal. We want to do well in the relay and even break the record if possible.”

Daddy and Hudson are confident

After the World Championships was cancelled, all-around sprinter Ivona Dadic went ahead with target preparations for the European Championships, and the heptathlon will take place on Wednesday and Thursday. “I am going to Munich with a very positive feeling. The 28-year-old, who finished third in Euro 2016, already knows what it feels like to win a medal in a big open match, I want to complete seven very good trainings there, ideally with The best of seven seasons.Air stage.

Bomber Victoria Hudson once again seeks to reach the final. in WM-23. The button must go off after three consecutive failed climbs in major events. “I don’t have any outliers this year, but in training and competitions the situation is generally more stable than it has been in recent years. I’ve definitely developed more, even if I haven’t put it on paper yet,” the 26-year-old said.

Pole vaulter Ricardo Klotz came to Munich full of self-confidence after his recent best performance of 5.65 metres, and said: “The final will of course be a dream.” Both are about gaining experience. Lena Melonig running in the 3000m steeplechase, Andreas Voeta 10,000m.

ÖLV-EM . group

Ivana Dadic hept
Victoria Hudson javelin
Magdalena Lindner 100m, 4x100m
Julia Mayer 10000 m
Lina Mellonig 3000m obstacle
Joanna Blanc 4×100 m
Lina Pressler 400m hurdles, 4 x 100m
Susan Wally 200m, 400m, 4x100m
Victoria Willhuber 4×100 m
Marcus Fox 100 meters
Ricardo Klotz pole vault
Niklas Strömeyer Dangle 400m hurdles
Andreas Vojta 10000 m
Lucas Weichaidinger Discus throwing

EM medals for Austria

He went:
1969 Athens Lizzie Prokop (five)
1971 Helsinki Ilona Gusenbauer (high jump)
1950 Brussels Hirma Puma (javelin throwing)
1938 Paris Karl Kutrashek (triple jump) *
1969 Athens Maria Sikora (AD 400)
1990 split Hermann Wehringer (pole vault)
1998 Budapest Stephanie Graf (800m)
2012 Helsinki Beit Schrute (100m Hurdles)
2016 Amsterdam Ivona Dadic (Seven)
2018 Berlin Lukas Weißhaidinger (discus throw)
2018 Berlin Lemawork Ketema, Peter Herzog, Christian Steinhammer (marathon team)

*Officially for Germany at first