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ERDINGER Wheat Beer: Lechner is in third place thanks to four bottlings

ERDINGER Wheat Beer: Lechner is in third place thanks to four bottlings

MTV Munich managed to bounce back over the weekend. The team is around the scorer Alexander Kaltner He had no toys. Therefore, no goals were scored for the leader in the battle for the 15 chests of ERDINGER Wheat Beer. Thanks to his comfortable lead, the former Unterhachinger player remains in first place.

Chase Valentino Gavric SV Planegg-Krailling played but remained scoreless. However, his team won in a strange match against the third guard of TSV 1860 Munich to secure fourth place. Peter Littenbauer. The league leaders scored the winning goal with nine players in the 95th minute.

Stefan Lechner He shot himself to third place on the all-time scoring list with four sets. In the first half, TSV's top scorer Oberpframmern turned the game around with a brilliant hat-trick. Shortly after the end of the first half, he raised the score to 4-1 and scored his seventeenth goal of the season. He played a huge role in the away success of his side, which took top spot in the Third Zone League after defeating TSV Zorneding.

List of scorers:

1. Alexander Kaltner, MTV Munich, League Zone 2: 25 goals

2. Valentino Gavric, SV Planig-Kreiling, Zone League 2: 19 goals

3. Stefan Lechner, TSV Oberpframmern, League Zone 3: 17 goals

4. Peter Lettenbauer, TSV 1860 Munich 3, Zone League 2: 15 goals

5. Dominik Pfister, SV Untermensing, Regionalliga 1: 14 goals

6. Luan da Costa Barros SV Lohof District League 1: 13 goals

7. Shakibdon Adeyemi – FC Kosovo Munich, Zone League 2: 12 goals

8. Jakub Dora, FC Fürstenried, District League 2: 11 goals

8. Dorde Jovic Hajduk Munich Region 3 League: 11 goals

10. Ahmed Unal, TSV Munich 1954, League Zone 1: 10 goals, four other players with 10 goals.

Information: BFV top scorers list applies to the award. In the District, District and Class A leagues, the top scorer in all leagues is honored.

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