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NASA predicts a starburst – also visible from Franconia

NASA predicts a starburst – also visible from Franconia

As NASA announced, something like this will happen in the next few months A “new” star in the sky To be clear. However, this is not a real star, but rather a Celestial phenomenonWhich can also be observed from Franconia.

According to a NASA spokesman Quoted by DeutschlandfunkIt's one Brightness explosionWhat's called “Nova Burst” In the T Coronae Borealis star system, about 3,000 light-years away. The special thing: The last time such an explosion was seen was in 1946 About 80 years ago.

A rare celestial sight: a 'nova' explosion visible from Franconia

The difficulty faced by all people who encounter this Watch the scene I want: According to experts, it is not possible to accurately predict when a star will explode. The approximate expected period for this phenomenon is Between spring And September of this year. However, the explosion is for that For several days Visible in the night sky He is.

The explosion of the two supernovas is located within the constellation “Northern Crown.” According to NASA, this is located between the constellation “Hercules the Bear” and the constellation “Hercules.” During the explosion, the brightness of the solar star should be reached. That's why it can look like a new, bright star in the sky. The glow can still be seen through binoculars up to a week after the explosion.