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Microsoft Edge: Der erweiterte Sicherheitsmodus erhält eine Blacklist

Enhanced Security Mode gets blacklisted ›Dr. windows

It has become quite quiet about Microsoft Edge Developer Preview. New versions still come out almost every week, but new features are rarely discussed anymore, and most changes should be discovered now, or only appear in the changelog in the final release.

This week there is an exception again. Version 105.0.1329.1 is available in the developers channel and there is one again Post on the official Edge forumwhich discusses the changes.

Enhanced Security Mode, found in Edge settings under Privacy and Services, is now blacklisted. Previously, you could keep a list of exceptions to which Extended Security Mode did not apply. You can now also specify which pages always apply the highest security level.

Microsoft Edge Enhanced Security Mode

Also new:

  • The PDF toolbar has been expanded to include a button that can be used to share documents
  • The mute icon now appears in the browser tab even if the browser has been muted via the Windows volume mixer.
  • The length of the URL is specified in the sidebar in Visual Search.
  • The feedback function displays a notification on iOS if feedback cannot be sent due to connectivity issues.

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