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Hayes plays 'Dinkum' live from 7 p.m.: A new star in the farming sky?

Hayes plays ‘Dinkum’ live from 7 p.m.: A new star in the farming sky?

Farming games are a gift for anyone who enjoys playing on the ‘second screen’ – the keywords ‘casual’ and ‘relaxed’. This is what helps you relax after a long day. Since Harvest Moon on Super Nintendo (SNES), this has been a very popular genre and has attracted many people to the vast gaming world.

Hitting agriculture in 2022 could be ‘Dincom’. James Bendon, 1 developer from Australia has released Dinkum in Early Access via Steam after more than 5 years of development.

Farming, breeding, fishing, building a village and maybe you will find the love of your life. Bendon has immortalized his Australian roots in the game. In particular, the animal population shows many similarities with its native Australia.

In this episode of Heise’s Plays, we analyze whether “Dinkum” also brings with it contradictions and whether relaxation turns into frustration. Hayes, video producer Pascal Shue, takes a look at the beginning of “Dinkum” and rates it with all viewers at the end on a scale from “relaxed” to “frustrated.”

The live stream starts at 7pm and can be accessed via the video embedded above on Youtube or via twitch for display.

“Dinkum” is initially only available on Steam for Windows PCs and currently costs around €15. Other platforms to follow.

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