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England.  Johnson faces trial for allegedly lying.

England. Johnson faces trial for allegedly lying.

The Prime Minister of Great Britain, Boris Johnson, will now have to answer to a group of people for his lies in the Partigate affair. Photo: Jonathan Brady / Press Club / dpa

The main stone

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is facing an inquiry by the House of Commons into allegations of partisan corruption. On Thursday, after several hours of debate, a resolution of the Labor opposition was passed without a vote by parliamentarians.

It was a painful defeat for Johnson. That morning he expressed the hope that his committee would force him to postpone the decision. But apparently his own representatives thwarted his plans. Some of his party colleagues urged him to resign. Parama-Brexiter Steve Baker also said he would vote for the trial and called on Johnson to step down. “The prime minister must leave now,” he said.

Johnson, who arrived in India on Thursday, immediately dismissed the allegations. “I do not think this is the right thing to do,” he told the news channel Sky News, adding that he was clearly nervous.

After reports of illegal locking parties on Downing Street in London during epidemics, Johnson repeatedly protested in Parliament that the rules were always being followed. It was later revealed that the Prime Minister himself had attended several meetings in question. Meanwhile, he also had to pay a fine imposed by the police for allowing his staff to celebrate his birthday with cake. More can follow. Johnson now takes the position that he does not realize there are celebrations.

In the UK, lying in parliament is seen as a reason for government members to resign. If the team finds out that Johnson lied, it would be very emotional. However, before the investigation can begin, the police must first wait for the conclusion of the investigation.

Opposition leader Khair Stormer has accused the Prime Minister of abusing the culture of debate in the lower house. Under the rules, MPs are not allowed to falsely accuse each other. With the exception, Speaker Lindsay Hoyle suspended the rule for Thursday’s debate. “The Prime Minister stood in front of this room and said untrue things that he thinks should not be accused of lying because it was not allowed,” Stormer said during the debate on Thursday.

Public opinion seems to have valued Johnson’s honesty for a long time. Nearly 80 percent of British voters believe Johnson lied. This is the result of a study conducted on Thursday by Yukov, a concept research firm on behalf of Times Radio. Accordingly, only eight percent of voters trust the head of a conservative government. Even among Johnson’s supporters of the Tories, the clear majority (61 percent) believe he’s a liar. On April 19 and 20, 2,079 British voters were counted.