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Lessons from the Australian Grand Prix

Lessons from the Australian Grand Prix

Formula 1

After two thrilling races at the start of the season, Charles Lecklerk confidently won the Australian Grand Prix. Even without his defeat, Formula 1 world champion Max Verstappen would not have had a chance.

Max Verstappen (l) talks to his dynamics after his defeat in Melbourne.

Photo: Simon Baker / EPA POOL / AP / dpa

After three races in 22 races, Charles LeClerk is already 34 points ahead of second-placed George Russell of Mercedes in the overall Formula 1 rankings.

World champion Max Verstappen is already 46 points behind and fears further defeat after the disaster at the Australian Grand Prix. For the two German drivers, there was not much coordination at the start of the season.

If you want to become world champion, you must defeat Leclerc

Two wins from three races, a comfortable lead in the championship stages and undoubtedly the best car. Following his success in Australia, Charles Lecklerk may dream of his first title at the start of the year. The Ferrari driver from Monaco was impressed in Melbourne without a penalty and was never beaten. Overall, Scuderia is doing a great job and can expect a lot of support in the upcoming home game. At the Grand Prix in Imola, Italy, in two weeks, there may be Ferrari holidays. “It’s a great start to the season, but it’s still the beginning of the season,” he said. We can not rest, “Leklerk said.

Unexpected worries for defending champion Verstappen

In the past, Max Verstappen rarely had to worry about the credibility of his Red Bull. However, two defeats in the first three races now startle the world champions, the Netherlands. According to his team, the deficiencies in Bahrain and Australia had very different causes, which makes the 24-year-old even more anxious. Ferrari seems to have rushed so far, so Verstappen and Co have to make significant progress. “The gap is huge,” Verstappen said, being knocked out in second place for the second time on Sunday: “We still have a lot of work to do as a team.”

Sitting in the weak car in the cutting field

Sebastian Vettel wants to quickly erase the trip to Australia from his memories. For Hessian nothing came down together. The person from Heppenheim made a driving mistake that led to his early retirement. The 34-year-old should realize that Aston Martin is currently the weakest car in Formula 1. The British carmaker is the only one yet to reach the championship point and there seems to be no improvement in vision. “There are many things we want to improve, but we still do not have solutions for them,” Hesion said.

For Schumacher it was still not enough for points

Mick Schumacher came in with high hopes of getting his first World Cup points. But nothing came of it. As of 13, this is not enough for a 23-year-old in Haas. “We were far behind in our pace,” Schumacher said. After all, for the first time he was ahead of his 14th-ranked teammate Kevin Magnusson. Dane has already entered the top ten twice, giving the Americans points. In his second Formula 1 year, Shoemaker now wants to catch up quickly, with the ability to make the car do it if everything goes right. “We learned a lot and can take something with us and work better on Imola,” Schumacher said.