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Elections in Argentina – Javier Miley becomes the new President of Argentina – News

Elections in Argentina – Javier Miley becomes the new President of Argentina – News

  • Hardline liberal economist Javier Miley is set to become Argentina’s next president.
  • In Sunday’s presidential runoff, Miley clearly leads with nearly 56 percent with 99 percent of the votes counted.
  • His rival, centrist Economy Minister Sergio Massa, admitted defeat on Sunday evening.

“I called Javier Miley and congratulated him,” Argentine Economy Minister Sergio Masin said at his campaign headquarters in Buenos Aires. But the official final result has not been published yet.

“The situation in Argentina is critical. The changes our country needs are radical. “There is no room for incrementalism, and there is no place for half-hearted measures,” Milley said during a post-election appearance.

Supporters chanted “President, President” and “Freedom, Freedom” as the right-wing populist took the stage.

Two candidates and two ideas to save the economy

In the runoff election, left-leaning Massa and libertarian economist Milley competed against each other. The two candidates represent diametrically opposed economic systems: Massa announced that he would bring the national debt under control and increase central bank reserves.


Doesn’t believe in “half-hearted measures”: Javier Maile

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Miley, called “The Lion” by his fans, had announced that he wanted to close the central bank, convert the economy to the US dollar, and reduce the size of the state apparatus.

Argentina is suffering from a serious economic crisis. Government mismanagement, a high mountain of debt and hyperinflation are putting pressure on the people of the South American country.

Reactions to the elections

The President of Brazil, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, sent congratulations via the X platform, previously Twitter. He wished the new government every success. It seems different with the president of Colombia: “The far right has won in Argentina, and this is sad for Latin America,” Gustavo Petro wrote on X.

Congratulations on the elections also came from the United States. National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan congratulated Argentines on the free and fair elections. They want to create strong bilateral relations based on human rights, democratic values ​​and transparency.