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False wing: Airbus A321 from Wizansa

False wing: Airbus A321 from Wizansa

The details of the Wizz Air Airbus A321 are extraordinary. It is noticeable and confusing only at second glance.

What do Lufthansa and Wizz Air have in common? At first glance, not much. While the German airline operates an international network with connecting traffic, the Hungarians are a European low-cost carrier. The common denominator between the two companies is a short- and medium-range fleet consisting of Airbus aircraft.

This is where the similarities end. But this summer Lufthansa was suddenly spotted on board an Airbus A321 of Wizz Air. The plane with the registration HA-LXE appeared in mid-August with a special right wing: it was not pink, as is usual with Wizz Air, but gray – and had the Lufthansa crane logo emblazoned on it.

Lufthansa Technik is the maintenance partner of Wizz Air

The plane bears serial number 7114 and is seven and a half years old. Wizz Air is leasing the aircraft from Irish leasing company FPG Amentum. The Hungarian airline has been the sole operator since the handover in May 2016.

At least in mid-October, the A321 was still flying with its gray wing. Wizz Air did not answer how the plane obtained the part bearing the Lufthansa logo until the article was published. The most widespread theory is that Lufthansa Technik, as the low-cost airline’s maintenance partner, did not have other winglets in stock at the time. In any case, the photo remains something special.

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