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This way you can protect your parcels from thieves

This way you can protect your parcels from thieves

It’s the shopping event of the year: Black Friday takes place on the last Friday of November. This year, Deal Day falls on November 24th. Many companies and brands attract many buyers every year with discounts.

Bargain hunters love to strike on this day. If you don’t have time to go to the stores on Black Friday, you can easily order packages to your home.

But this could have consequences: If a package is left on your doorstep, it could be stolen. “Many parcels are ordered online, especially in the run-up to Christmas, which increases the risk of parcel theft,” Bern canton police warned

The Zurich Cantonal Police confirms that “theft of packages from the front of properties or from mailboxes occurs repeatedly.”

The Bern canton police began recording parcel theft numbers separately only since April 2022. “Between April and December 2022, we registered 287 parcel thefts.” In 2023 there will be a slight upward trend compared to the previous year.

In order to prevent parcel theft as much as possible, Swiss Post advises: “Leave your parcels in the mailbox or unattended on your doorstep for the shortest time possible!” Zug Police also recommend emptying your mailbox regularly.

Alternatively, the PickPost service can be used. Parcels and registered letters can be delivered to an alternative receiving location free of charge. Another plus: Many of these PickPost locations have longer hours than post offices. Often the package can be received in the evening or on the weekend.

“My Post 24” offers another option. “Packages can be flexibly picked up and delivered 24/7 in these machines.”

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With the “My Shipments” online service, customers can manage their packages themselves. So you can choose the desired day and time window. It is also possible to “deposit at a specific location, deliver to a neighbor, or deliver to the ground.”

Lucerne Police advises, among other things, to leave the package with a neighbor if you are not home when the package is delivered.

If a package is lost on Black Friday, we recommend contacting the post office. This then leads to a request for investigation. If a theft is suspected, a report can be made or the loss can be reported to the insurance company.