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Domi Aegerter

Dominic Eggerter ineligible – no race! World Supersports Championship

An hour before the start of the second Supersport race at Most, the FIM WorldSBK Stewards Panel ruled that world champion Dominique Aegerter was not allowed to race in the second race after his unsportsmanlike behavior on Saturday.

It took Dominique Aegerter and his Ten Kate Yamaha team all Saturday afternoon, evening and early Sunday morning to convince the doctors he was fit to run a second race on Sunday.

The Swiss was in the first race on Saturday In a mass crash included. He immediately got up on the gravel bed, but lay down again – speculating that race control would stop the race, which it didn’t.

The medical staff took the world champion to the medical center for a check-up, diagnosed him with a concussion and declared him unfit for the rest of the weekend.

Sunday at 10 am Correction of medical evaluationafter Aegerter was able to provide MRI scans to confirm he had not had a concussion.

He is still not allowed to compete in the race on Sunday (starts at 12:30pm) because the FIM WorldSBK Stewards Panel has just disqualified him for unsportsmanlike behaviour.

“Dominic is fit but received a penalty for his behavior on Saturday,” Ten Kit manager Kervin Boss said.

Aegerter violated Section of the Sports Act, having “simulated a medical condition” after a fall, thus delaying rescues in order to cause a race to be abandoned.

Aegerter confirmed these claims in writing to the FIM WorldSBK Stewards Panel. The 31-year-old accepts the sentence and does not appeal.