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“Disaster” – Fans are talking about Christina’s new hairstyle

“Disaster” – Fans are talking about Christina’s new hairstyle

She has beautiful hair: Christina Haney (ex-Luft, 33) recently appeared on social media with a new hairstyle. “Who is this?” the “Let’s Dance” star finally asked as he looked in the mirror. Fans have yet to come to terms with the aesthetic change either.

Luca Hani’s wife (29 years old) had trendy bangs that were cut by the Swiss star’s hairstylist.

Only: Instead of focusing on the couple’s answers, some fans only had eyes for one thing. Professional dancer Christina’s new hairstyle has become a topic of gossip.

“Sorry Christina, you’re very pretty, but the hairstyle doesn’t suit you”, “Unfortunately a disaster”, and “Bangs make the face rounder and thicker, not cute!” It can be read below the video. I’m sorry, what?

Fortunately, the complainants are in the minority and most fans think the 33-year-old’s bangs are gorgeous.

Opinion poll

Have you ever cut your bangs?

Yes this is how my big forehead is hidden.


No, the dowry is not for me.


I just want to see results.


And not only Cristina, but also her husband Luca Hani recently showed an unusual side: that is, without a beard. “Why did my beard go, what do you think? “Great, I haven’t seen myself like this for a few years,” Luca Hani said in his post.

In fact, the singer looks younger without it. Visually, he hasn’t changed much since his 2012 “DSDS” win.

Singer Hani and dance star Cristina recently got married in Italy. The two lovebirds then went to South Africa and Seychelles for several weeks. They kept their fans updated on social media.

The couple lives together in Thun BE. They recently moved into their own home here. Christina immigrated from Cologne (D) to Switzerland specifically for the sake of her loved one.

Luca Hanni and professional German dancer Christina (then Still Luft) met on the RTL dance floor in the summer of 2020. The two danced as a couple on the show “Let’s Dance”. After the show ended, their love became public.