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“Farmer, Single, Looking” song Andrea: An emotional journey with her ex-boyfriend Michael

“Farmer, Single, Looking” song Andrea: An emotional journey with her ex-boyfriend Michael

“Farmer, single, looking for…” – Single woman Andrea: “It’s a dream come true”

Blue News visits Andrea at her farm in Solothurn canton. A pug breeder wants a strong, animal-loving man. Her participation in the solo show is a dream come true.

September 20, 2023

Things are heating up again between single farmer Andrea and her ex-boyfriend Michael. After a trip to Hochstuckli SZ, the couple goes to Andrea’s farm in Solothurn. Will Andrea and Michael find each other in the long run?

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  • Andrea, a farmer in Solothurn, gives her ex-boyfriend Michael a second chance and invites him to the farm week in “Bauer, eindig, sucht”.
  • Things get romantic on a hike to Hochstuckli SZ. But Michael’s travel plan, which Andrea doesn’t like, still stands between them.
  • After the hiking trip we go to Andrea’s house.

There’s great weather in Hochstuckli SZ when farmer’s wife Andrea (45) and her ex-boyfriend Michael (57) start the trek.

During the trip, Andrea says the sound of cowbells makes her feel at home. Michael says he would like to live in a mountain pasture in Switzerland. “But I like Andrea and Switzerland more,” the Bavarian flirts with Andrea.

Michael goes a step further: “After being on the farm for so long, I hope to find cowbells that make me feel at home.”

Meanwhile, Andrea puts on a poker face and doesn’t seem to be affected by Michael’s charm offensive.

After a romantic walk we go to Andreas Hof in Solothurn.

Andrea and Michael experience emotional highs and lows

In the car, the two lovebirds think about who loves the other more.

During the conversation, Andrea’s sore point comes to the fore again: the distance between Michael and Andrea. Michael is planning a bigger trip, which upsets Andrea.

Because Andrea misses Michael “always madly.”

Michael cannot understand Andrea’s objection: “Our love is long lasting.”

Andrea and Michael: Not a romantic trip

On the way home, Michael admits that horses aren’t his thing. Andrea assures him that they don’t have to ride together. Her farm’s horses are not used to being ridden, and will likely be with her when she retires.

Michael wants Andrea’s help in repairing the fences and in return she must cook for him.

The start of a few days together at Andrea’s farm seemed to be a success.

But will the current enthusiasm turn into a longer love affair? This matter is still unclear at the present time and will become clear in the upcoming episodes.

“Farmer, Single, Looking” airs Thursdays at 8:15pm on Channel 3+.

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