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Destiny 2 challenges you in a new Grandmaster raid

Destiny 2 challenges you in a new Grandmaster raid

Anyone looking for a new challenge after the first few weeks of entering the Witch Queen Fate 2 He longs for it, and finally gets an exciting experience with the new Grandmaster difficulty level of the raid “Right of the Apprentice”.

Is the new raid mode worth it?

You can now start the Grand Commander’s Raid – but only if you have a power level of at least 1580. You can get a special Triumph Seal and a “Light Fugue” Sparrow. In addition, there is a chance to drop major versions of certain weapons and armor with better attributes.

What makes the Grand Master’s difficulty so crunchy? Your opponents can take more and do more damage at the same time. In addition, they are protected by armor that is torn only with the help of a certain element.

There are also heroes that you cannot defeat without special mods in Grandmaster Raid of Oath of the Apprentice. As a small limit, Bungie disables your radar in Heavy Raid mode.

The added value of the Grand Commander’s raid can be discussed – at least in terms of looting. Items only get a few Base Points more than you get in the normal raid mode.

As for loot, the new commander’s raid is only worth it to a limited extent. Instead, it’s specifically designed for collectors, title hunters, and brave guardians who aren’t shy about taking on a challenge.