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Dejana Svejtic: Swiss TV star taken again

Dejana Svejtic: Swiss TV star taken again

Early first kiss

Swiss TV star Diana Cvegetich falls in love again

Dejana Cvjetic falls in love again. She had never had such a harmonious relationship before. But there is still one question missing before we can move forward together.


After a “dark phase” the sun shines again for Dijana Shevgitev.

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  • Diana Cvegetich recalls her memories of going through a difficult time. But was there someone who gave her strength and stood by her?

  • “I’ve had a new guy next to me for about a year,” the 29-year-old reveals.

  • The first kiss happened on the second meeting.

There are turbulent months behind Eastern Swiss reality TV star Diana Šefjčić: SeparationBurnout Clinic And cancellation of the driving license. All circumstances that led the 29-year-old to start over. About two months ago, she moved her residence from Gossau SG to Düsseldorf, where she has built a new life for herself. “I haven’t been this happy, excited and full of life for a long time,” she said excitedly in an interview with 20 Minutes, adding with gratitude: “I was able to leave the darkest phase of my life behind me.”

In addition to her family, she was lucky enough to have a strong shoulder to lean on during this time. “I’ve had a new man in my life for about a year, and things have been more serious with him over the past six months,” she reveals. But she doesn’t want to reveal too much about her “soulmate” because “he’s not a public person.” Just this: “He’s a businessman, with an athletic build, dark hair and light eyes.”

The first kiss on the second meeting

A spark broke out between them for the first time during Christmas dinner with friends. But after that, that faded away, until a chance encounter at the exit happened. “I was in a small underground club where we met again and kissed hello,” Dejana recalls, laughing shyly. “I usually never do anything like this and I was completely surprised by myself. But there was an incredible surprise.” gravity.”

The two would understand each other without a word. “As someone for whom the energies of others are very important, I enjoy every moment with him. With just a few words, he was able to calm me down, give me safety and comfort, and put a smile on my face.

But first the former Love Island candidate had trouble with outward perfection. “Until now I’ve always had complicated and toxic relationships. With him I finally realized what was really important. Based on their compatibility, the distance between Düsseldorf and Switzerland is not a problem either. “We will see each other at least every two weeks, that’s what we promised ourselves,” she explains.

There is still a small hurdle

When asked about the future, Dejana had clear thoughts: “I’m at an age now where I want something stable in my life and I don’t feel like playing.” But before taking any further steps, she wants to enjoy solitude to the fullest. Plus, your loved one still has to dry everything. Specifically: “He should ask me if I want to officially become his girlfriend. “The things that just happened are still very mysterious to me, I’m just old-fashioned,” she says with a wink. And after that, nothing will stand in the way of living together until old age .

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