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Awkward moment for Simone Tomala while driving in the Alps at Oktoberfest

Awkward moment for Simone Tomala while driving in the Alps at Oktoberfest

Simon Tomala has been an Oktoberfest regular for many years, but not everyone has noticed until now. Photo: Imago/Apress


Vera Sibnich

Oktoberfest is a must for many celebrities between the months of September and October. “Watch and see” is the slogan of male and female stars who love to take advantage of opportunities. For example, Lily Becker met Sandy Meyer Volden at a party after her partner Thorsten Wick preferred to stay at the hotel.

The so-called Almauftrieb in Wiesn-Schänke in Käfer is especially popular and celebrities don’t want to miss it. But of all people, the head of Oktoberfest made an embarrassing mistake. Not only did he recognize a star, he mistook him for another famous person.

Oktoberfest boss mistakes Thumala

The “Abendzeitung” in Munich went celebrity hunting in the “Almauftrieb” in front of the Wiesn-Schänke in the Käfer on the second day of Oktoberfest. According to the newspaper, the event has been fully booked for months, so many celebrities can be found there. For example, Sophia Thiel, Desiree Nick, and Roberto Blanco were present, according to the report.

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So it’s no wonder that politician Clemens Baumgartner didn’t want to miss the event either. After all, he is in charge of Oktoberfest. “I’m happy when you can exchange a few words with celebrities,” he explained in an interview.Evening news“.

July 28, 2023, Bavaria, Munich: Wiesn President Clemens Baumgartner speaks at a press conference about innovations at Oktoberfest in Munich.  Photo: Lennart Press/dpa +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++

Clemens Baumgartner caused this awkward confusion.Photo: German Press Agency / Lenart Press

But the man from the CSU immediately causes an embarrassing moment. During the interview a famous lady approaches. Baumgartner then confidently explains:

“Geta sax is just coming up behind us.”

But the politician is completely wrong in this assessment. The woman behind him was not Jetta Sachs, who had been voted “Playmate of the Century” in 2000 and was already at the jungle camp.

It was not the former playmate who crossed him at that moment, but Simon Tomala. Actress and broadcaster mother Sofia Tomala is actually famous enough not to be confused thanks to her years-long role in the Leipzig production “Tatort.” But this clearly does not apply to the CSU politician.

Sofia Tomala in a Barbie dress.

When Baumgartner realizes his mistake, he treats the whole thing with good humor. “Look, I don’t know much,” he told the Abendzeitung newspaper, laughing.

Simone Tomala is clearly still enjoying her Oktoberfest appearance. She posted a photo of herself in a light pink dress on Instagram and wrote: “I have become a real Bavarian girl.”

The actress’s fans immediately suspected that she wanted to imitate Barbie’s currently popular look. “What Barbie can do, Simone has been able to do for a long time,” one excited fan wrote in the comments. Another simply commented “Barbiegirl!”.