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Dänu settles accounts with Catrine

Dänu settles accounts with Catrine

Zoff in «Farmer, Single, Looking for» Dänu and Catrine farms. The Bernese can’t handle Vaudoua’s mood and speak a word of strength.

The basics in brief

  • Farmer Dänu interrupts farm week with Catrine.
  • The farmer could not reciprocate the waiting lady.
  • A bloody debate ensues.

Tears, frustration and arguments with «a single farmer looking for»! In Power Dano (40) and Catherine the Lady in Waiting (45), the house of the pond is suspended crooked.

Voodoo Corner In the cozy Berner Hotel Time and time again in her lively style. After a passionate argument the night before, Catherine is now looking for conversation again.

In a voice choked with tears, she says: “My feelings for you have been true and sincere from the start. I know that I am lively and have a strong personality. I now wonder if I am too strong and too energetic.”

Dänu: “Our early days were great, but at some point it became clear that I couldn’t handle the mood and pressure.”

“I can’t reciprocate your feelings,” he adds. “She asked me if I loved you and I said I couldn’t love you like that.”

And the 40-year-old goes further. “I have come to the point to tell you that it is good. I wish you all the best in your future life.” Then he gets up and runs away without speaking or hugging.

The farm lady “farmer, bachelorette, seeking” shakes her head in disbelief: “I won’t just give up on her. I might be offended. Maybe not his type?”

Do you fall in love quickly?

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