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Andrina speaks in plain language about her breakup with Martin

Andrina speaks in plain language about her breakup with Martin

Andrina and Martin met on “Love Island” – and they fell in love. But it soon ended. Now she is openly talking about the breakup.

The basics in brief

  • Andrina Santoro and Martin Fosci fell in love with “Love Island”.
  • However, the infatuation did not last long.
  • Now the former “bachelorette” is giving her perspective on the breakup.

they have in the width of the dome “Love Island” in love: Andrina Santoro (28) and Martin Fauci (29). But after a few weeks Sending is also followed by love.

Opposite YouTuber Ramon Wagner speaks the ex-Swiss- «Bachelorette“Now for the first time publicly about the separation.

Andrina says it didn’t work out for the boys at first – until Martin joined them. I felt “super comfortable with him”.

The 28-year-old made it clear that she never pretended to be anything. “Everything I felt there was real,” she asserts.

But after the end of the “Love Island” era, her doubts grew more and more. She wanted to get to know Martin without pressure, but that was practically impossible.

Andrina Santoro: “Martin was going forward”

She was upset by society’s expectations. Because there was already talk of them being a couple. But even Martin was “wiser” than her, says Andrina

She always felt bad that she couldn’t take back what he gave her. “I quickly realized he wasn’t the man of my dreams,” she explains.

The separation step was not easy for her. However: the “Love Island” participant did not want to play anything for Martin. “If I had doubts from the start, it wouldn’t be fair for me to deceive him.”

She hopes to find someone who loves him as much as he deserves.

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