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Credit to USA: Morrison will play with Robinho from the summer

National player Disennifer Mroson will leave for the United States temporarily in the summer. In Seattle he meets world champion Megan Rabino during the OL regime.

In the future he will play on the other side of the Atlantic: national player Disennifer Mroson.
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According to Marrosson’s current club Olympic Lyon, the midfielder will be given a six – month loan from the American Professional League NWSL to sister club OL Rein for the summer. Current orienteering goalkeeper Sarah Bouhati will also travel to Seattle. Then they play alongside superstar Megan Robinho.

I can learn a lot from the American style and mood.

“I always try to make progress, and in my opinion I can learn a lot from the American style and mindset,” said the Olympic and European champion, adding that the atmosphere in American stadiums is a new culture: “I am so excited to learn about a new country, a new city and new people. ”

“With the debt of Sarah and Disney’s to the OL regime, we are moving one step further to achieve one of the most important goals of our program in the United States: to create a team that can compete with the best clubs in the world” Jean-Michel Alles, OL team leader.

Successful second attempt

By the end of last season, when the Corona crisis prevented relocation, Maroson was already moving to the United States. Now the 104-time national player is moving across the Atlantic and NWSL one day after losing in the Champions League against Paris Saint-Germain.