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Double mutation spreads in Great Britain – is there a threat of a “govt disaster”?

A race against time has begun – because in addition to the B.1.1.7 that is currently providing us with a third corona wave in Germany, we are now concerned Brazilian And South African variants Another SARS-Cowie-2 mutation for the red alert: In India, P.1617 is currently spreading rapidly.

According to virologists, it is called dual mutation because it has two types: E484Q and L452R. These two have already been found separately in the corona species that are prevalent in the British, South African and California. In India they can now be identified together for the first time in a viral variant.

On Monday alone, the Indian Ministry of Health announced a total of 274,000 new corona cases within 24 hours – a daily high. In addition, 1,619 people died in a single day Govit-19. Mumbai and the capital New Delhi, which has now imposed a week-long curfew, are particularly hard hit. There is a shortage of hospital beds, oxygen and medicines – cremations are also said to be overloaded. Due to the tense situation, the Prime Minister of Great Britain, Boris Johnson, said that he had planned Travel From there.

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In Maharashtra, 61 per cent of infections are due to double mutation

OK though with the new wide variation for higher numbers If The responsibility is not yet clear. According to a statement “Indian ExpressHowever, in the state of Maharashtra (along with the capital Mumbai) 61 per cent of the diagnosed infections are found to be double mutated. This would have shown a genetic sequence of positive tests. But Sujeet Singh, director of the state health commission (NCTC), told the portal that decisions were being made very quickly as it had been deployed so far.

Two mutations in the virus’s gene are located in a place called the spike protein, which allows the virus to attach and infiltrate human cells. L452R can enhance the binding of the virus to ACE2 receptors, thus facilitating transmission. This will allow the virus to spread faster throughout the body.

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Double mutation does not respond to vaccination

Together, the E484Q and L452R can not only make the variant more contagious, but also avoid antibodies – thus not responding to the vaccine, the “Indian Express” continues. However, there is no scientific evidence for this yet.

India has so far been vaccinated with 123 million doses, according to the Ministry of Health. AstraZeneca’s vaccine is sold there under the name “Covshield” and is manufactured in bulk at a serum company in Pune, Maharashtra. Still, there is a vaccine shortage in India because that country has provided many doses to poor countries.

Double mutation has already been detected in Great Britain

Indian health officials are yet to say whether the new double mutation will lead to more severe COVID-19 courses, thus leading to more hospital cases. However, doctors believe it is highly contagious and rapidly spreading because, unlike the first wave, entire families are now affected.

The fact that the virus is already spreading speaks to the rapid spread In the UK Has arrived, and is spreading there as well. The British Ministry of Health has already confirmed 77 cases. So the variant also has a mutation called P681R. British Health Minister Matt Hong Kong has announced that India will be added to the “red list”. Travelers arriving in the UK on Friday from the country are required to spend ten days of isolation at a hotel at their own expense.

British scientists also confirm that mutation is a concern. University of Reading Microbiologist Simon Clark “Guardian“This variation meets all the requirements for it to quickly become an issue,” he said Mutation Data Bank The first case was discovered on February 22.

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The German virologist is less concerned than his British counterparts

Further SPD politician Carl Lauterbach already sees a danger Europe By the Indian mutation. Via Twitter He expressed his concerns about the impending “Govt catastrophe” in India: “The new mutation is also growing against B1.617 B117. Europe is also facing a problem as the B1.617 vaccine may be successful. B1 is growing in the UK .617 fast …” he said on Monday. Wrote.

George Timm, a German virologist from the Institute of Viruses D டுsseldorf Assumes that Indian mutation causes problems – but within a structure comparable to variations From South Africa And Brazil. “Mutations in the spike protein of p.1.617 are already known from other types,” Tim said.Spiegel“.

It may therefore be assumed that these may also bypass the immune system and that those who have already been vaccinated or have mild covid disease may be re-infected. Tim told the newspaper that severe courses and rigorous courses after a fully completed vaccine are very rare.