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Credit Suisse Asset Management hires executives at UBS

Credit Suisse Asset Management hires executives at UBS

The head of asset management at Credit Suisse, Ulrich Körner, brought another director from his former employer UBS to the board of directors.

Dirk from Shacman He will join the Asset Management division of Credit Suisse (CS) as CFO at the beginning of November 2021, just like the CS Press Office. has been confirmed.

Von Schuckmann previously worked in a private capacity at UBS. The news agency also announced the new date on Wednesday evening “Reuters” mentioned.

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The exposure comes a few months after the asset management division of CS’s International Wealth Management (IWM) division was separated in response to heavy losses incurred by a number of supply chain funds.

Former Head of Asset Management at UBS is the new CEO of Asset Management at CS Ulrich Korner. Von Schuckmann can look back on his long career at UBS, including being the group’s head of mergers and acquisitions responsible for company development and performance. Most recently, he held the position of Chief Financial Officer in Asset Management for a local competitor.

Will Credit Suisse (CS) present a convincing reorganization at the beginning of November 2021?

  • Yes, anyway, CS President Antonio Horta Osorio will save CS.

  • Yes, because you can’t go wrong with CS.

  • It depends on the status granted to CS in Switzerland.

  • No, if Thomas Gotstein remains CEO, nothing will change.

  • No, Antonio Horta Osorio has very little idea of ​​computer science.