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Dutzende Demokraten lehnen eine rasche Abstimmung über das 1 Bio. $ schwere Infrastrukturgesetz

USA: Postponing the vote on the infrastructure law | Macro Markets

(Reuters) The American Rep hawe Decided on Thursday (local time) to use vote above a Infrastrukturgesetz to move. According to a spokeswoman, weha representativesweNancy Pelosi would have insisted that some Democrats not vote if they didn’t too above A separate social and climate package worth 1.75 trillion. $ can vote. “The good news is that most MPs who were not ready to vote yes today agreed to do so Infrastrukturgesetz In a statement to her Democratic counterparts, Pelosi said, “Dozens of Democratic lawmakerswe quick rejection vote above trillion dollars Infrastrukturgesetz Who as long as no agreement above more socialweGabengesetz had checked up to her boss on Thursday.

Press Spokesperson Weisses HaweI stated, Jin Psaki, that the government is confident of that Infrastrukturgesetz and 1.75 trillion. Heavy dollar social media packageweSoon Congress will pass it to combat climate change. we— President Joe Biden presented a plan for climate action, preschool and other social initiatives on Thursday that he said would unite Democrats, but some members of his party rejected them.