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Counter Strike 2 is now available to download for free

Counter Strike 2 is now available to download for free

After many years, the time has come now – Counter Strike 2 is finished and can be downloaded for free on Steam. However, the latest installment of Valve’s most popular shooter is not a standalone title.

Instead, the second number is an upgrade for the long-running Counter Strike Global Offensive game. As PCWelt and Valve announced in the trailers, almost every area of ​​the base game has been significantly reworked.

In addition to the updated Source 2 engine and new or fine-tuned content, Counter Strike 2 also received physics innovations. For example, smoke and water react with pinpoint precision in response to dynamic environmental changes such as movement, bullets, or grenades.

The so-called tick rate system, which the game uses to query the times of actions such as shots, has also been revolutionized. In the past, the intervals between high-frequency “ticks” did not actually exist, i.e. the shot was not recorded until the next tick.

Quite simply, the new system runs a persistent query that can reproduce the times of actions such as snapshots without delay using “sub-hash updates.” The latest part replaces the CS:GO Steam entry as an update and can be downloaded since yesterday.