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China has imposed sanctions on US companies that sold arms to Taiwan

China has imposed sanctions on US companies that sold arms to Taiwan

US defense firms Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman were placed on China’s sanctions list due to arms sales to Taiwan. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Mao Ning said in Beijing on Friday that the US government is committed to providing arms to Taiwan, despite China’s opposition.

This is a China policy and violates the three joint statements of the US and China from the years between 1972 and 1982, and it also damages China’s sovereignty. According to Beijing, Lockheed Martin was the main contractor in the August 24 US arms sale to Taiwan. Northrop Grumman was involved in several arms sales, and Mao Ning explained the sanctions against the company.

China considers Taiwan part of the People’s Republic of China and has repeatedly threatened to invade Taiwan in the past. Taiwan, which today has a population of about 24 million, has had an independent government since 1949. More recently, Taiwan has reported numerous Chinese naval vessels off its coast and military aircraft entering its air surveillance zone almost daily.

“We call on the United States to abide by the one-China policy and the provisions of the three joint statements of China and the United States and halt arms sales to Taiwan,” Mao Ning said. Military agreements between the US and Taiwan must be ended and Taiwan’s disarmament must be stopped. “Otherwise, the US will inevitably face a strong and decisive response from China,” he said.