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Football in Great Britain – Clubs against cancellation of FA Cup replay – Sport

Football in Great Britain – Clubs against cancellation of FA Cup replay – Sport

LONDON (dpa) – More than two dozen English football clubs have called for the FA Cup replay to be canceled in a letter to British Sports Minister Lucy Fraser. Clubs allege the FA and Premier League agreed to the historic reform without consulting other clubs.

So far, the first round of the world's oldest football competition has had a lucrative replay if the match ends in a draw after 90 minutes. Home ownership is exchanged for this. From the round of 16 onwards, the games were played directly to a draw with extra time and penalty shoot outs.

The Daily Mirror newspaper on Wednesday quoted from a letter from the Fair Play Initiative. The Premier League's influence on the outcome is evidence of a growing divide in football. “Decisions are taken behind closed doors. Lack of transparency, consistency and fairness,” it continued. “Our clubs and fans have been let down.” Fair Play called on the government to enshrine in law the consent of all clubs to such a move.

The FA and the Premier League justified their decision with UEFA's larger competition calendar. In return, they promised, among other things, more lucrative live games on TV in the first rounds and announced millions more in fees for amateur soccer. The reform should be implemented from the coming season. Sports Minister Fraser had said it was a matter for the federation.

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