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King Charles breaks taboos for his daughter-in-law Kate Royal!

King Charles breaks taboos for his daughter-in-law Kate Royal!

King Charles and Princess Kate are closer than ever. Now the king breaks taboos to support his daughter-in-law.

King Charles, who is suffering from cancer, will make a rare public appearance on Easter. – Corner stone

The basics in a nutshell

  • Both King Charles and Princess Kate suffer from cancer.
  • The shared fate is said to have made their relationship closer, according to insiders.
  • King Charles even breaks royal taboos for his “beloved daughter-in-law”!

There must be a new dream couple in the royal family. King Charles (75) and his daughter-in-law Princess Kate (42) have developed a deep relationship. They are both fighting against cancer and this common challenge has brought them closer to each other.

It is reported that the two talk on the phone every day and enjoy regular lunches together. An insider revealed to a British newspaper how close the relationship was between the king and his daughter-in-law.

Princess Kate: The daughter King Charles never had

An anonymous source revealed touching moments between King Charles III. And Princess Kate. It is unusual for the future king and queen to meet alone. Now they do it more regularly than ever before.

After his cancer became public, Charles strongly supported Kate – even referring to her as his “beloved daughter-in-law.”

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“Her Majesty and Catherine are very close and he considers her his daughter. There is no doubt they have a lot to share and support each other in their personal battles with cancer,” the source said.

King Charles breaks the taboo for Kate

Charles even breaks some royal taboos for Kate. For example, he participated in an Easter service with Queen Camilla (76) at the end of March. He wanted to show stability and security to the public after Kate was diagnosed with cancer.

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Kensington Palace – Princess Kate talks about her cancer diagnosis.

This performance was well received by the British people and kept Kate's back free. The absence of Prince William, 41, and his family on Easter Sunday was easier for royal fans to handle.

The changing relationship with Meghan Markle

King Charles III is also said to be present with his other daughter-in-law, Meghan Markle (42). She also had a good relationship once. Prince Harry (39 years old) revealed in his memoirs, “Spear,” that his father treated his wife “like a princess.”

The Queen even walked Meghan down the aisle at her wedding when her father was unable to attend due to health reasons.

Since then the situation has been different. Harry and Meghan voluntarily retired from royal life in January 2020 and now live in America. She has made serious allegations against the royal family.

They claim that Charles, along with Queen Camilla, passed negative information about Meghan to the press. The monarch also made insulting comments about the skin color of Meghan's son Archie (4).