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Cabinet reshuffle in Great Britain: Sunak faces many headaches

Cabinet reshuffle in Great Britain: Sunak faces many headaches


As of: November 13, 2023 5:12 PM

Cameron’s role in Brexit is surprising. Prime Minister Sunak is moving the cabinet towards the center with the reshuffle of ministers. But this could be the start of a major upheaval for the Tories.

A few weeks ago, Prime Minister and party leader Rishi Sunak took to the stage at the Conservative Party conference. There he promised change, “transformation”. He wanted to emphasize that he was creating a new polity.

Now this: Chung is bringing back David Cameron, who was prime minister from 2010 to 2016, into the cabinet. Cameron called for a Brexit vote despite his vocal support for the country’s desire to remain in the European Union. The result is known: the majority of the British people – contrary to expectations – spoke in favor of Brexit, Cameron’s policy failed and he resigned.

Experience – but responsible for many problems

Cameron certainly does not stand for change, for a new beginning. His return to the cabinet is a grim reminder of times past. Now it can be argued that he is an experienced politician returning to the cabinet. He knows the processes, and as Foreign Minister he should benefit from the fact that he is universally known by his future interlocutors. Perhaps he could also be someone who could implement industrialization in the UK’s relationship with the EU.

On the other hand: many of the problems Great Britain is currently grappling with – the consequences of massive austerity policies, Brexit – can be traced back to Cameroon. He may be experienced, but politically he is wrong.

Jerk to the middle

Rishi Sunak reshuffles the cabinet with Cameron. The government has now clearly moved away from the extreme right edge of the political spectrum. Suella Braverman represented extreme positions on issues ranging from asylum policy to homeland security in an often populist manner. They mask the state’s failure with resentment and a search for someone to blame: sometimes the police, sometimes the media, sometimes civilian employees in ministries that block drastic reforms, and always asylum seekers. Most – according to their position – will come to Great Britain.

Sunak had to fire her. He danced on the Prime Minister’s nose. The ex-home minister’s radicalization got out of hand. He accused the police of banning right-wing protests while allowing pro-Palestinian demonstrations. Their statements were not accepted in a journal article. He described protests in London calling for a ceasefire and a Palestinian state as “hateful marches”.

He wanted to limit this, as many homeless people in Great Britain had to spend the night in pedestrian zones, and criticized what he saw as the “lifestyle choice” of camping in cities. Sunak can no longer tolerate political vandalism.

Sunak’s winds may become stronger

By removing Braverman, he also removed a right-wing representative from the government. She is now in danger of becoming a martyr, and Sunak’s wind will be even greater. What will the party gain from this? A lot of arguing, probably. The course of the Conservatives after the next election is not entirely clear. Conservatives can move further to the right.

Cameron can also contribute to this, as he is unlikely to win extra votes in seats previously held by Labor and won by the Tories in 2019. The confusion among conservatives simply puts many off.

Christoph Prössl, tagesschau, November 13, 2023 4:41 pm

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