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Why was Andreas Gabalier's successful concert boycotted?

Why was Andreas Gabalier's successful concert boycotted?

Visitors to Andreas Gabalier's concert in Ischgl, Austria had to be patient on April 14, because not everything went smoothly during the pop singer's performance. Activists stormed the stage during the concert and boycotted Gabalier's performance. What was the event and how did Gabalier react.

By the way: Gabalier was also part of the Summer Festival on Lake Constance and gave a big concert in Salem.

Andreas Gabalier's successful concert was boycotted – here's why

The group “Last Generation Austria” was responsible for the campaign. Activists stormed the stage during the concert, apparently intending to raise banners protesting the lack of attention to the climate crisis. On one Posted in X (Previously Twitter) Two activists can be seen storming the stage during a performance of “Volks Rock'n Roller” and want to spread signs. However, this does not happen because several security staff intervene immediately, throwing the activists to the ground while still throwing confetti and eventually carrying them away from the stage.

Gabalier himself calmly observed the incident and commented on the event by saying “Maybe this is a carnival event or something?” before continuing his performance. Although the audience responded with applause, the latest generation reacted less humorously to Gabalier's assessment on social media. “The climate crisis is not a carnival event, as Andreas Gabalier commented. We are sorry for the disruption, but we have a very good reason for it,” activists wrote on Channel In one a report to German Editorial Network (RND) One of the young people who protested at the concert was quoted as saying: “Our protest is not directed against Andreas Gabalier, his music or his fans. We have no more time to waste and must use every opportunity to respond to the impending climate collapse.” To attract attention.”

Gabalier and climate activists – “Do we need to stay on the streets?”

The fact that the two activists and the singer do not seem to be on the same page has already been confirmed in one of the pages interview With the Austrian Al-Taj newspaper Obviously from last year. There, Gabalier made clear his opinion on the actions of climate advocates, which he sees as a further division in society. “Anyway, is it necessary to stay on the streets when there is already such a turbulent atmosphere?”

Only time will tell if the singer will be able to come to terms with the actions of activists again in the future, especially after they disrupted one of his concerts.

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