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BVB picks up Bundesliga stars with a private plane

BVB picks up Bundesliga stars with a private plane

Borussia Dortmund is forced to take an unusual measure in light of the trip of its German national players to the United States. The German Football League team chartered a private plane at its own expense for professionals Mats Hummels, Niklas Volkrug, Niklas Süle and Julian Brandt.

It should get the quadcopter back to Germany earlier than would have been possible had they traveled with the rest of the DFB squad.

Campaign background: Borussia Dortmund will play in the league against Werder Bremen on Friday (8:30pm) next week – less than 70 hours after kick-off in the international match against Mexico on Wednesday (2:00am CEST) in Philadelphia. BVB described the appointment as very unfortunate. But Dortmund refused to postpone the Bremen match until Sunday due to Newcastle United’s Champions League match on Wednesday.

BVB confirmed the action for pictureThe newspaper tried at the same time to take the wind out of the sails of potential criticism. He added: “The issue of sustainability is of great importance to us as a club, but by setting the date for the Bremen match, we are “exposed to a special situation.”

Players’ performance is ‘top priority’. In addition, Borussia “basically compensates the air travel costs of our team with recognized certificates. This is how we act in this case as well.”

Hummels also commented on his club’s approach – and praised it: “It’s a very professional procedure.” It’s a good idea to spend an extra night in Germany to get rid of jet lag: “Otherwise just one night before the game on Friday evening will probably be enough.” “It was very short.”

He’s one of those people who “definitely suffers” from jet lag, so the private jet option is definitely a good fit: “It’s good, because just having one night before the game on Friday night to get rid of the jet lag would probably be nice. It was short.” ”

Rudi Föller, sporting director of the German Football Association, had previously reported that he was also “disturbed” by the league match schedule. “This is not a good decision and certainly a wrong decision.” But also “many phone calls” between Dortmund, the German Football Association and the rights holder. DAZN It will not have brought the solution. “It’s not a happy thing, and it could have been avoided,” Fuller said.

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