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Change of ownership in Valais?: Sion fans want to buy the club from Constantine for one franc

Change of ownership in Valais?: Sion fans want to buy the club from Constantine for one franc

Will Christian Constantin retire as Sion coach?


The “Collectif Tourbillon” group, founded by fans, wants to take over Sion and has proposed to Christian Constantin that he sell the club for a symbolic franc. Sion’s shepherd is skeptical.

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  • Sion could fall into new hands in 2024. Christian Constantin has announced that he wants to retire. Now there is also a potential buyer for the club.
  • The fan group “Collectif Tourbillon” suggested that Constantin take over the management of the club for a symbolic franc.
  • Constantin is quite willing to give the place to the fans, but he seems to question the financial possibilities of the “Collectif Tourbillon”.

Christian Constantin announced long ago that he wants to leave FC Sion in 2024. Now the topic is moving. The Collectif Tourbillon, a group of fans, has shown concrete interest in acquiring the club. Offer: symbolic franc.

The fan group hopes for a clean delivery and promises to them websiteTo start a movement for the club’s future, with the hope that Sion will “upgrade its women’s teams, coaching department and first team”.

But Christian Constantine is skeptical. The offer of one franc seems to anger the patron of Sion. His answer Will love Message from “Collectif Tourbillon”Posted on the club’s website. It stated: “With your desire to take over the club for a symbolic franc and leave all the burdens to the shareholder, we see a real contradiction with the report you submitted to us. It is stated that you no longer want to rely on a single shareholder. But in your letter you talk about one or more new contributors.

Sion’s president also questions the approach and in particular the fact that the fan group wants assets and not liabilities, while asking Constantin to withdraw on the condition of not competing for ten years.

Constantine “does not want to discuss further until…”

Constantin explains that he bought Sion in the 1990s for 11.7 million francs. This is an amount equivalent today to about 30 million francs. CC wonders whether Collectif Tourbillon has the financial means to take over the club. “The current shareholder no longer wishes to discuss matters with you until you transparently explain to him the resources available to you,” says the letter signed by Constantine.

Sion’s president wants to see a bank statement as well as a list of donors and information on registered amounts. Collectif Tourbillon is required to submit documents before December 15, at which time the licensing application process for next season begins.

However, Konstantin is definitely open to delivery. Finally, he said that bringing the show to fans is not a bad idea, and that there is “every reason to do so.”