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Bugatti Rimac's new super sports car maker - show

Bugatti Rimac’s new super sports car maker – show

Accolade Award for 33-year-old super sports car designer Mate Rimac: After Porsche entered into an initial partnership with the young Croatian automaker three years ago and has continually expanded it, the Volkswagen Group is now really heavily involved. Provided that the antitrust authorities of the various countries concerned give the green light, Porsche and Rimac will establish the new Bugatti Rimac in the last quarter of this year with the participation of Bugatti.

Rimac Automobili, founded twelve years ago, has restructured itself for the new Bugatti-Rimac brand, in which Rimac owns 55 percent and Porsche 45 percent. So now there’s the Rimac supergroup, with the Mate Rimac owned 37 percent, Porsche 24 percent, Hyundai 12 percent and the other partners 27 percent. The Rimac group includes Rimac Technology (100% owned by Mate Rimac) and the new Bugatti-Rimac brand. Volkswagen Group brings Bugatti into the deal, allocating shares of the brand to Porsche – in this way saves the legendary fire.