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Four Austrian Dreamliners?: Guessing About Lufthansa's Boeing 787

Four Austrian Dreamliners?: Guessing About Lufthansa’s Boeing 787

How does Lufthansa divide the 25 Dreamliners it has ordered among the airlines in the group? There is further speculation about the Boeing 787 of Austrian Airlines.

They are the successors to the Airbus A380, A340 and Boeing 767 & Co.. The Lufthansa Group currently has open orders for a total of 73 long-haul passenger aircraft: 28 Airbus A350-900, 20 Boeing 777-9 and 25 Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners.

Delivery of Boeing 777-9 aircraft is the furthest. Big posts will arrive in 2023 as soon as possible, if not لم More delay there and Lufthansa is even happy about that. The Airbus A350 will receive an innovation with First Class and the question arises whether the Swiss subsidiary Lufthansa, for example, will receive some machines. However, the model itself already belongs to the Lufthansa fleet and is therefore not new.

Lots of speculation about 787 orders

So the latest and most exciting order is an order for 25 Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners. Lufthansa ordered 20 in 2019 – when it comes to engines, they are marked in Boeing’s order book as “unspecified.” Flying group will order five more in spring 2021. These are planes that have already been produced and that other customers don’t want to buy at the moment, they are called White Tails. It is powered by GE Aviation engines. The first of these aircraft will be delivered this year.

The Dreamliner command also creates the most guesswork. On the other hand, it concerns the airlines for which the five additional 787s were previously designed. The Norwegian name was popularized first. Then, however, the Air Finance Journal reportedThat one of the planes was intended for China’s Suparna Airlines and that four of the planes should go first to Hainan Airlines, and then to India’s Vistara.

Rumor about four Austrian Boeing 787s

The question of how the Dreamliners are divided into the Lufthansa group also raises debate. Rumors are currently circulating on the forums that Austrian Airlines will receive four Boeing 787-9s ordered by Lufthansa in 2019. So they should be delivered from fall 2022, have Rolls-Royce Trent 1000 engines, new business class and new premium economy class . sister Swiss recently acquired the group’s new premium economy class seat Foot.

The Norwegian name appeared again in this rumor. The Austrian Airlines plane is also claimed to be White Tails – which was originally intended for the low-cost Norwegian airline. In response to aeroTELEGRAPH’s request, the Austrian airline stated that it would not comment on the rumours.

Dreamliner perfect for Vienna centerمركز

So nothing has been confirmed yet. althoug The 787 has always been a long-term solution for the Austrian fleet, which should replace the Boeing 767 and Boeing 777. In terms of size, the model is likely to be ideal for the airline’s requirements for the Vienna hub. still Also Swiss for part of the Dreamliner order Not out of the race yet. As long as the Lufthansa Group does not look at the cards, speculation and guesswork about the Dreamliner will not stop.