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Britain’s exit from EU intensifies as German companies leave EU for British investment Political News

According to a senior member of the German business campaign, Brussels was humiliated after EU companies tried to invest in the UK rather than the continent. Ulrich Hope, executive director of the German-British Chamber of Commerce and Industry, told The Telegraph that many companies in Germany were shifting their focus from the EU to the UK. Julian Joseph, an economist at the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA), told Tacradio that the prospects for Great Britain are “particularly beautiful compared to the European Union”.

In an interview with an IEA colleague, Mr. Dolan, Docradio presenter, said: Hope expressed his views.

Dolan said: “There is good news about Brexit. A senior member of the German business campaign said that post-Brexit companies in his country are queuing up to invest in the UK, which has caused less trouble than fear. “

“This is a very important point and another reason to be optimistic about economic growth this year.

“Uncertainty about Brexit is declining. There are some significant issues in some sectors, but we do not have an accident without a deal that people fear.”

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He continued: “Even some of the worst-affected areas, such as the commodity trade with the EU, are beginning to recover very quickly.

“What some people are afraid of, the outlook is very good.

“The UK is starting to look pretty, especially compared to the EU, which is constantly preventing vaccine adoption and threatening private businesses.”

During his interview with The Telegraph earlier this week, Mr Hope also helped that many companies that had planned to lay off employees in the UK had now abandoned their plans.

According to a study by the German-British Chamber of Commerce and Industry, more than half of those in question expect the British economy to improve next year, and one-fifth of those who ask expect sustainable performance.

This comes when German investment bank Deutsche Bank said this week that the UK economy had made a “turbulent start”.

According to economists, the UK economy is recovering fast. The opening data indicates the cost increase after reopening.

The private sector forecast of the UK GDP shows a massive rise in expectations. The average growth forecast for Great Britain in 2021 is now 5.7 per cent – a huge improvement over the previous month’s average of 4.8 per cent.