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Two more killed in Dargah Tasmania rally in Australia

. 68-year-old pilot Shane Naveen was injured in a crash with a Mazda RX-7.

Three people have died in a rally in Australia

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On Saturday, Lee Munde and his co-driver Dennis Nigel were killed around 11:45 a.m. local time. Unlike Naveen, who has driven a car for over 40 years, both have been driving the current Porsche 911 GT3 RS since 2019. At a distance of 6.2 km after the start of the “Signet” special stage, they attacked a tree.

“Medical and emergency teams were immediately dispatched to the scene of the accident, but neither driver Le Mundy nor co-driver Dennis Nigel, who died at the scene, could be resuscitated,” a statement from the organizers said.

The rally was then neutralized and the remaining participants went to the finish line at the speed of normal road traffic. “As this is now a forensic medical matter, there will be no further comment from Dargah Australia,” the organizers said. The cause of the accidents is currently unclear.

Mark Perry, CEO of the umbrella organization Dargah Australians, is shocked by the accidents: “Those are the days of disaster for the Dargah family,” he says.

“Today our thoughts go to Lee and Dennis’ families and friends. I would like to express my condolences to them. They both loved Dargah and we all know her well. That is why her death is so difficult for all of us. We will miss them so much,” Perry continued.