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The $ 1794 coin was auctioned for $ 40,840,000

eOne of the US dollar coins has been auctioned for 40,840,000 since 1794. The rare silver coin, the prototype of the later silver dollar, was one of the first to be minted in Philadelphia at the time, the auction house traditional auction announced Saturday (local time) in Dallas, Texas. The coin was initially valued at 50,000 350,000 to 000 500,000 from the collection of an American businessman.

The so-called “No Stars Flowing Hair Dollar” is engraved on the front with the blowing hair of Liberty, the goddess of freedom. However, the pioneer made of copper did not have the later regular stars on the edge of the dollar coins.

Especially well-preserved “flowing hair” silver coins have been sold to millions in previous auctions in the United States.